.4.19.09.."Play-by-the-rulz Girl!..I was tagged.."


I was tagged...thank you sweet Anne! I bet your laughing your butt off right now!

These are the rules for Playing....BUT first before the actual rules..let me give ya a lil' insight on What NOT TO DO!!

First, people....if your an honest person and believe in rules...do not check your blog first thing in the morning...I was all "Yea! I got tagged by Anne! Yea!......wait. A. Moment......this ain't right! Take a picture. RIGHT NOW!!!! Oh lil' miss Anne....."

I hate rules.

But to play along:

1} Take a picture of yourself RIGHT NOW {boo...}

2} Do not edit it {really, looks like I did people- edit this lovely pix, but I didn't..this is how I look in the a.m.} or do anything to it.
3} Download it to your computer

4} Torture other bloggers...

Actually this is alot of fun! I make fun of myself on ...A daily basis. If ya can't laugh at yourself..then how can ya!!! laugh at all...

Southern Bride

P.s. I love you

Mr & Mrs. In Training

Life @ The White House

Pocket Full Of pink

Hello Cupcake

Have fun Ladies!!


Miss Anne said…
o.m.g. you win the BEST post award for today! :)

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