.4.5.09.."Jillian Michaels-Weeeee!!"..

Okay, yesterday after playing with the Wii after I got off work.
{The Mr. got his butt kicked on the "hula-hoop". It was quite funny! His lil' butt going in lil' circles..I was laughing so hard at him. He was so proud when he reached 1oo!}
But we went to look at more games right when the store was closing..they had buy 2 get one free of the Wii games! Sale ended that night! Phew!
So this is one of them...kick your butt work out!! I keep hearing all these good things about this trainer and it looks like a real good workout...{Les you can borrow this one if you want!!:) }
I need a early morning routine..if I feel good about my workout first thing in the morning..when I reach for that hot, delicious looking doughnut that some brat brought to work and decided to have a friggin' 'nice streak'!....I will remember..."NO! NO! Jody! You got your ass up early! and this! is what your gonna do! to repay yourself!!! stupid..." See? Works..
If I workout at home. That night. I will talk myself into eating like crap all day...BECAUSE I can just workout when I get home....not happening..I'm too tired most of the time..
I know myself and what I can tolerate..or not...
Looks like fun.
First off to do Yoga. Now, THAT is hard. I applaud all the ladies that do Yoga. Very hard.


i really need to get in a routine of working out - maybe getting up 30 minutes earlier would do the trick?

however, i have no desire to wake up at 5 a.m. - 5:30 sounds horrible enough to me. but seriously, it's just to easy to eat poorly all day or to decide you are too tired to work out once you're home.

ps - how funny about the hoola hoop! i can't even picture my hubby doing that!
Kyla said…
Ohhh, I LOVE Jillian Michaels.. my BFF just got the 30 day shred with her, and we are going to start doing it. So excited!
Miss-happypants said…
You brat!!! You got it already! :) Do ya like it? Is it fun? Should I get it?

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