Okay, those of you who know me..I'm not, that big of a baby..well, somewhat...depends.
But anyways. My job title is 'wrestling animals' ( Vet. Tech) Well, that IS what we do..it's hard work and come across the meanest flippin' animals that people have in their HOMES!! EEKKK!!
But one day,..I'm trying to set this story up, to prove to you ,I'm not a wimp,...
But a new born foal tried to jump the stocks at work..the lil' guy panicked and jumped straight in the air and 'almost' got his front legs caught...so I grabbed him and pulled him down...this, is however not the story....still setting you up....
So brings to you WHY this blog entry.
The next day we are outside..sunny, warm, beautiful....working on a horse. Two sets of clients outside....we are standing in front of the barn door. Went to go into the barn and hands full of stuff and I have a bad habit of looking down when I walk {THANK THE LORD! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!}
Then all of a friggin' sudden a friggin' snake!!! Did you hear me? snake. A flippin' SNAKE slithers away!!! I do not do girly screams! I think I may have bellowed like a big hairy man..felt like it.
I did a boogey-dance that I think "dancing with the stars" would have been very envious..duplicate? No.
I started shaking and then. I cried. I cried like a big baby. I couldn't stop shaking.Then, I had to catch my breath, my friend "jen-nae" I work with, was with me...thank goodness and she help and took over...
Yes, everyone roared with laughter.not funny.and I cried. MY eyes were so welled up with tears...couldn't even see where I was going.
I hate them things.


Kyla said…
Oh no!!!!

You're a vet tech? I find that so cool- did you have to go to a school for it? (Dumb question I think, but I'm kind of interested in it!)
JoAnna said…
And dad laughs at me because I'm scared to death of them slimy buggers! Boo on him, I knew it was a "family" condition. hahahaha
Anonymous said…
OH MY GOSH!!! Jody!!! That was a GREAT rendition of that story!!! And yes everyone....she did NOT do a very girly scream.....lol Very mannish in a way. haha I'm glad you made it through that terrible time Jod, I know that lil 4 inch snake had to be terrifying. :) :) But no worries, I would have screamed like that if I had a bird fly at me. So I know how you felt. And MAN would I have gotten laughed at for being deathly afraid of a lil BIRD!!!!!!!! haha Anyway, I'm glad you have Daren to handle the snakes, and I'm glad Daren has you for the spiders. hehe :) Hopefully that snake is gone.....you never know..... ;)
Anonymous said…
That was great! I couldnt have re-told the story any better! But dont worry, had it been a spider I might have passed out!
Miss Anne said…
I would have screamed and danced my way outta there as fast as humanly possible.

Once while helping my grandmother garden there was a little gardener snake... I will NEVER step back into her garden again.


seriously, so scary!

Miss-happypants said…
hahahaha...I would have loved to see that!!! :)

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