.4.27.09.."The Countdown Starts!"

I'm so *ExciTeD*!!!! EEEKKKKK!!!!!!
Nationals is THIS weekend! This will be my 3rd year. I will TRY hard not to miss a YEAR!!!
Okay, for those of you who really have no idea what the heck I'm talking about....
Every May. The first weekend in May. Scrapbookers all over the states..{last year, I said "The world"}..yes, everyone had quite the chuckle..no, not the world..not that I'm aware of...Even though!!! When my husband was in Qatar-when he had R & R, from serving in Iraq...he took a week vacation in Qatar and took pictures of a scrapbooking crop going on!!!! See!!! To those of you who laughed at me!.....thhhtttttt!!! {tongue sticking out.spitting on my computer...smart Jody.}
But back to my story....
But the store I own in Salem. Yes, I own it..well, my as flippin' Well!! I spend so much $money$ in that store..that Sweet Teresa and her fabulous crew, just run it. while I'm not around...
But they rent a convention room, at a hotel ,near the scrapbooking store....the crop goes on for 2 days..this year, I'll arrive a day early and get my hotel room. Oh Yeah!! That's another thing! We get a room and share with 4 to 5 other girls and stay at the hotel. FUn! FuN!!! Just go downstairs and scrap! Scrap!
You pay an inexpen$ive price for all you get! She supplies so much activities and the food! Oh the food!!!!
I've added just a couple pix above, just to get an idea...this was my first crop there.
Love it! Recommend it! Great Girl Time!!! We laugh and have soooooooo much fun!!!!
EEEKKKKKK!!!!! 5 more days!!!!


Miss Anne said…
oh my goodness, oh my goodness! i cannot wait for this weekend!!!

we need to "arrange" our arrival/departure stuff.. :)

call u later today?
Kyla said…
I'm. So. Jealous.

Can't wait to hear all about it and see all the pictures!!
Miss Anne said…
Holy cow!!!! I think somebody is excited, hee hee!! Have fun! :)
Miss-happypants said…
I can't wait til next year!!! It sucks that I missed it, but I'm glad you guys had a great time!

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