.4.4.09."Los Dos.."

After work last night we welcomed a new employee to our lil' crew at our clinic.
We went to dinner at a local lil' Mexican restaurant. I hope we didn't scare her off....let your hair down and the drinks come, senoritas!!!! Needless to say, cause I'm obnoxious..I was cut off at one. Not fair.
One of my co-workers/friend tried to explain..."she's always like this..{crazy}.." Oh well, she was doing me a favor..had to work in the morning...like right now....instead, I'm blogging senorita!!
But it was a real nice time. I really adore the girls I work with now..great team! I wish the rest of the girls were there that really make up that clinic..{clear throat..}...Brody's Mom & Cass!
The girls are a hoot!! Get a lil' chips/ salsa in them and see what fun we will have!!
Well, you have a great weekend ladies...I'm doing a make-over and want to get your opinions!!!?? Wait and see!!!!!!!!!!!
**side note**{I've been doing this alot lately?....it's like "P.S."......right?}
But, The Mr. got home early this morning...I bet when I get home from work.He'll be on the Wii.Bowling.
Big sigh..............


Anonymous said…
CUT OFF AT ONE DRINK!!! HAHAH!!! That was a GREAT night!!! Loved it! And Yes Cass and miss Kristy SO need to make it to our next one! We'd have a blast! :) I'm sure the new Kristy will never see us the same.....lol Hope you have a good rest of your weekend playing your Wii! If you ever get the chance!
Jen~nae (NOT Parker!!!! lol)
Darn I wish I could have been there....crash the party!!

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