Awww..I just adore him! He's one of the kindest men I know. He never says anything mean or malicious. Extremely honest! So honest, it's hilarious!! Just a very good man.

I'm so lucky to have a good person in my life.

Thank you Lord for this wonderful gift!

It doesn't matter where you go in life...
It's who you have beside you...


Shannon said…
such a sweet post!! :)
You two are so adorable together!!
Awww! I love you guys!
I am so glad you are happy!!
LuckyLass said…
Awwwww! What a sweet pic of you two. In the sunshine, you guys look so relaxed and happy. I'm so glad for you Jody, to have your man back home where he belongs. Great post!
Kyla said…
Ahhhh, you two are so cute!! Love it :)
Miss Anne said…
fabulous pic of two of the sweetest people I know! :) absolutely gorgeous.

Miss-happypants said…
You are both so very lucky to have each other in your lives. You both enhance each other's lives so much. That's what it's all about. How can you make your partner happy...every day. What can you do for them??? Then do it. That's what you guys do. I admire it and hope to have it someday.

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