Wii!!!!! I finally got one!
I cheated.
I ordered it on-line.From Costco.They do not sell it in their stores anymore, but you can order it..?
But! It's GREAT!! I immediately opened it and played for an hour straight!
I went for a run.Hit soccer balls with my head, did a tight rope..That is hard ladies!
Yoga kicked my butt, thank you very much. Did this one push up and then turn to the side....ahhhhh....pain...I'm out of shape!
But I love it!! It's great! Tonight when I get home gonna go for another run. Except for the lil' Mii in front me..I can't seem to pass the lil' booger! I know your not supposed to, but geez....
I love the hula-hoop. Fun!
EEEEEKKKKK! {leg kick in the air} I love my Wii!
Wait....my husband will be back tomorrow.
Bye Wii.


See it is a great work out!
lol Tayler can kick my rump at tennis if she is really trying....lol
I love my wii too!! Cant wait to get my Wii Fit.
Mrs. Nurse said…
I played the Wii one day while shopping when it was still on the display at Wal-Mart. Def. different than my old school Super Nitendo, ha! Have fun getting fit :)
Miss-happypants said…
So cool! I'm glad you finally found it, even if it was online. :) So much fun!!!

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