.4.9.09."Time for a Change?..."

Okay, well friends!
The Mr. and I are gonna change a few things round here in them parts!

We've picked out the most fav.....well, since we can only put a limited amount on the post..boo...
!!noticed I'm into that word right now?!
But so, I had just a wonderful time making up The Mr's new look...needless to say a couple times I was so speechless I couldn't even breath! I was laughing so hard that I was completely silent....with the look of "explosion laughter" coming your way any moment! Laughter so intense your sides hurt and you double over...from "laughter pain"! Love it...nothing like it.
If you haven't noticed..I love to laugh..I think I'm actually pretty good at it...I'm annoying, but good at it. Yip.**LUUUv to laugh..knock, knock, who's there? love to laugh! That's me! :)

So, back to the pix!
Your Fav? C'mon..you can only pick one...He! He!


Mrs. Nurse said…
I like the purple fro :)
Miss Anne said…
I think you look adorable with the short pink cut! :)

Love Daren's beard! ha!

Cassie Cass said…
My fav is the purple hair. I think you should really consider getting a wig like that and wear it to work! It would look fabulous darling!!
Anonymous said…
You're a goober. that is all I have to say.... :)
Miss-happypants said…
Love all of em but I like the porcipine head most. :)

Nice look there Daren. :)

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