.4.13.09.."A Mothers Love.."

I admire wonderful parents...
But the soft spot in my heart is for single parents...
Since I was raised in a single-parent household, I know as a child how difficult it could be.

This post is for the single parents out there.
This is my wonderful sister-in-law and her son.
Next, is my very best friend-buddy of 30+ years.
These Strong women are simply amazing!!!! I love them dearly and the strength they have!
These women are career women! They went to school and kept up their dreams and hopes and did it! They are wonderful, caring parents and will do anything for their child. But they still find time for themselves and have a good life.
***Love you girls!!****


Miss Anne said…
I couldn't agree more. I was raise by a single parent and know how much love and sacrafice is necessary.

I am so blessed to know Leslie too... she's one of the kindest and strongest women I've ever met.


Miss Anne said…
p.s. Hey lady... check my blog you are tagged! :)
Miss-happypants said…
ahhhh, you're so sweet! I have a place in my heart for them too, but not just because I'm one. My mom worked her ass off for us and she was an awesome mom! I try to remind her all the time how much I appreciate her.

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