.4.8.09." I'm a 'Toys R Us' Kid!"

Well, he found his new favorite..MarioKart.
I saw this in Costco and thought he might like it...Look at his face! It's so funny! I sit and just watch this man who just went, and now is back from Iraq, he's a leader at work and lots of people
look up to him for his leadership skills....and I laugh! Look at him now! My big Kid! I love it and think it's great!
He's really not that into video games. "After all the work is done-I'll do video games-if I feel like it" kind of guy....
But doesn't he soooo look like he's enjoying himself? !!!
He's so dramatic and funny! He's so fixated on playing!Ha! Ha!
So. I play in the morning with my Wii Fit { I do yoga and strength training in the am..} and he plays whatever he feels like at night...if he's up to it...
but I'm sad to say..he beat my hula-hoop score. Booooo!!!
But I kick butt at "super hula-hoop!" Ha!


I've heard that Mario Cart is a blast!! We just got the Wii over Christmas and are slowly starting to accumulate more games. I think that will have to be next on our list! Have an amazing weekend and Happy Easter!
I love my mario cart!!!
We can race some time D. Yeah it is true you will win.....but I can still try!!
HA HA HA, that is TOO funny. Oh man, now I REALLY want to play Mario Brothers.
Miss-happypants said…
Dang girl! You guys are getting all the toys!!! I'm a little jealous!!! :)

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