.4.2.09.."Confession time!"

Okay, I have a terrible confession... that I know it will not go beyond here! Ha! Ha!
My dear husband is in another part of the country, right? Til Saturday....
Well, I have been sleeping, FREAKIN' GREAT! OMG! I feel refreshed and great!
I haven't slept in months, I tell ya! He .SnoReS .like. yOU. would. not. belieVe!!!!
Okay, I know I'm a light sleeper...but HELLO! He wakes up and says his ribs hurt..Hmm? I wonder why? I'm poking the holy Ba-geezus out of him. I feel like a lil' kid that found something dead on the road and not sure what kind of animal that IT was..I'm poking the heck out of it with a stick...turning it over and trying to get some sense out of this situation..
So, I'm loving the fact I'm getting good night sleepS now....sigh..{with a big fat smile on my face...} but I feel real bad....
He calls me after the first night..."So, how did you sleep, last night?" {C'mon, as if I'm gonna lie...}
I said with a very meek voice.." Great...I slept so good!"
He actually laughed....you gotta be a good sport hanging out with me...
But If any of you ladies have a great solution to my BIG problem..send'em my way...
I'm actually refreshed enough the last couple days to pick on my boss at work...Feels good!!! He!He!
**side note*** you know what really bothers me?! Well, duh..I'm blogging about it.Duh Jody..
But the fact that when you sleep next to a snore-R, you sit up in bed and sit and even stare at them and think.." How can they sleep through this?!" they look all peaceful and stuff...with the covers all tucked around them and not a worry in the world...meanwhile, back at the dungeon..I have red, bloodshot, swollen eyes from lack of sleep and they wake up in the morning, and are all.." Oh, I wish I could sleep in.." I'M THINKING.." Sure would be nice TO sleep..."


Miss Anne said…

this post cracked me up!

where's D??? (sorry i've been so out of the loop)

wishing you more sleepful nights until his return!
Mrs. Nurse said…
Mr. Nurse doesn't snore thank goodness! Glad you are getting great sleep :)
Kyla said…
Hahahaha- Eric snores sometimes, but I will elbow him or shake him just to tell him. I mean, if I'm not getting to sleep- I guess you aren't either! :)

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