.10.14.09.."National Vet. Tech. Week"

Hi there! I have to share with you what my work did!!
Since it's National Vet. Tech. Week all around...our clinic hired a massage therapist to come in a give the Techs and even a Dr. a free massage!
How cool is that!
What a great clinic.
My fear is that- with my head through the lil' hole, I'll start drooling.
I wouldn't put it past me.
I'm an embarrassment to myself.


Brown Girl said…
Oh wow, that is an awesome gift. Massages are the best. Just keep your mouth closed so you don't drool! Haha!
Anonymous said…
how cool is that!?!? you are one lucky girl! Hope your having a great week! = )
Jen~nae said…
Oh....lol Didn't even know it was Vet. Tech week. haha Nice... WOW!!! A massage!!!!!!!!! Holy cow Jody! You're gonna LOVE that! Who cares if you drool??!! I'm sure tons of people do! lol Just enjoy it! At least drooling is the worst you can do.....For guys there's a lil worse....hehe ENJOY JODY TRUE WHO!!! You freakin eh deserve it!
Meg said…
Ahh, that sounds heavenly! Enjoy! :)
AWESOME!!! You guys totally all deserve it!
I agree with Jen--forget the drool and enjoy yourself. Everyone who knows you knows how much you deserve it. Happy Technician week!!!!

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