.10.24.09.." What?! A Pink Gun!?"

We were invited to a True Blue RedNeck Auction/Raffle last night...DUCKS UNLIMITED...
I must say...
We felt @ HOME! Ha! ha!
All the camo and Outdoor stuff was just fabulous...I was truely bummed that I didn't wear my "Camo FatBaby Boots"...would have been perfect!!!UGH!!
My heart skipped a beat or two ,when I layed my eyes on a PINK GUN...awwwwww.....The Mr. had to take a picture with me holding it...
Even though I'm NOT a hunter. I can't even kill a MOUSE! Okay, Bugs yes. Snakes scare me to death but I could not purposely harm one.
BUt Then I saw !!!(not pictured) a shotgun that was HUGE- and it was PINK CAMO!!! EEEKKKK!!!
The Mr. was actually trying to win it for me...what a sweetheart...
I'll shoot them evil...pop cans with it.

But the Auction was SO Neat!! I had more fun trying to listen to the auctioneer! He was awesome!!

This was the only place you'll see Little Kids bidding on guns...yes, guns....and winning them.
THAT is RedNeck Folks, right there!
But we had a great time laughing, eating, and just watching people! Miss Netti and her MR invited us and we had a great time! They actually won some bids! :) Yay!!
Next year, now that we know what's up with this...we plan on bidding and trying for some of the cool stuff!


Ian & Jess said…
Haha I love it - We all have a little red neck in us.

P.S. Love how you post your pics.
Vanessa said…
A pink gun! LOL! Now that is redneck! But I love it too!!!

I don't kill anything either but I know a bunch of cans that could be used for target practice if I had a pink gun!!
Ashley Pizarro said…
Hot dog....a PINK GUN!!!! Holy smokes! hahahaha you are too funny! Sounds like you were right up your alley!
I don't know about Redneck, but it is American! Not only, American it is smart too!

We don't arm ourselves for the sake of camo (I don't have any), we do it to guard ourselves in the event of needing well armed militia. Ooooh scary word to some.

Hey, it wasn't too far back in my ancestry (in fact probably a handful of generations) the NDN's took advantage of more than bows and arrows! And judging by what is on the horizon, it would be foolish to think our liberties and freedoms are perfectly safe.

You need to get that pink gun Jo, get in a .50 Caliper too.....

Ok, that may be a bit much but learning to fire a weapon may not be such a bad thing...

Just remember you can't blame deaths on guns just like you can't blame misspelled words on your pen or pencil. (I put that in there for the libs)

I know, Miss ContROversial...thats me!

Love you,
and btw...I appreciate your comments!
jenn said…
this made me laugh out loud :o)

thanks for making me smile!!!
that pink gun looked cool, that would be something i could see myself sporting!
I've never been to an auction but I hear they're fun. I'm glad you went. The next time you go, tell me and I'll meet you there. In so far as the pink gun is concerned, just tell everyone that you were having a senior moment and you just had to have it. Hopefully all of your duck fan friends will forgive you. Anyway, I'm glad you had a great time!
Llama said…
Sounds like you had a great great time! Love the pics with the pink gun...see, everything can be fashionable!lol
Heather said…
Oh my goodness, that pink gun is so cute! I want one! Does that sound weird?
Jen~nae said…
Looks like you had a great time Jod! And who says you have to have a gun and actually use it?? hehe You can have it for looks! Especially when it's a cute pink one! Perfect for Jody True!
I went to a Ducks Unlimited banquet for work once.. Definitely an eye opener!!
Trish said…
We have that banquet here too...I wanna pink gun!!!!!

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