.10.20.09.."Sexy Costume for this Halloween"

So is it me?

Ha! Ha! I thought this was great! Some of the stuff, people come up with!

You'll have to admit: pretty creative.

No. This is NOT me.
My kitchen would never be this dirty. C'Mon People! Duh!!!!


Trish said…
Girl I am dying laughing!!!!!

That is the BEST costume I have ever seen!!!!!
Lindsey said…
Hahahaha, def creative!!
Oh my goodness I am laughing so hard!
My gut hurts. That is so bad!
Shay said…
LOL- this made me LAUGH! I've never seen anything like this.
jennster said…
LMFAO! omg, i totally fucking want that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that is awesome! hahaa
Laura said…
Hilarious, I love it!!
Robbie said…
Hey - I thought I told you no pictures of me until I'd taken a shower...
That's one of the greatest costumes i have ever seen....LOVE it!
Kristin said…
Just spit out my coffee. That is freaking hysterical!

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