Okay, I'm rolling up my sleeves and going toe to toe with "Ben & Jerry" on this one!
I'm speaking for all the people out there who are trying to be good to themselves and then this crap comes along...
Okay, the sausage patties-the Maple flavored are the bomb! They are soooo good! :) And veggie ones I must add :)

But this "B & J" stuff...when is this insanity gonna stop! C'Mon! "Puuuuuuummmmmpkin Cheesecake"...ohhh how I wanna hate them! Pumpkin anything is my weakness...
The Mr. shared my misery as we both stopped in the ice cream isle.
Stopped and stared .and literally didn't say one word to each other.
Did not even look at each other.not one word- was spoken.
As a matter fact, I think I may remember- a light shining down on our ice cream. like finding that sunken treasure...can't believe your eyes. Just wanna live in the moment.
We just stared at the ice cream. blinked a little.
Then continued with. putting them in our cart.
As we were walking away he said:{ as he's draaaaggging out the sentence...}
Him: "Ohhh Baaabbyyy, your gonna sooo looove this!"
Me: " Yip. My jeans are gonna send me hate mail"
We both laughed all the way down the isle!


Jocelyn said…
Haha! I love the jeans comment! That is totally how I feel everytime I eat sweets:-) LOL!
Jen~nae said…
Jody True. I just love you. You always put a smile on my face. :) I miss having you around SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!! You and Daren are the greatest couple EVER!!!! Don't even have to speak to each other, you just think alike. :) I miss you both sooo sooo much! Enjoy your ice cream girly! You deserve it! :)
Kristin said…
I will be heading to the store tomorrow. Pumpkin cheescake must be mine!
Trouble for sure, but WELL worth it I bet!
You guys are way to cute.....lol
I can tell you Jod. You can eat ten pounds of that pumpkin ice cream and still fit in your jeans just fine....lol
The Pink Chick said…
You are too funny! You always keep me laughing! This ice cream sounds amazing! I might have to make a grocery store run!
sounds good, going to get me some!
DayDreamer said…
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Do visit mine..(Though not as good as yours)

Looking forward to more posts and pictures..(Following your blog)

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Lyr said…
Tell me about it! I just love their flavors and they don't make it easy on is women! COME ON! :)
HAHAHA! I love it. YUM, it looks DELICIOUS!!!!
If you think pumpkin cheesecake ice cream is good, you should try my pumpkin pie--delicious!! In any case, enjoy the things you love, you and Darren will be able to work off all those calories in no time.
Crystal Rae said…
BEN AND JERRY ICE CREAM YUmmy. Pumpkin Cheesecake? Even better. OMGOODNESS....looks good.
KAG said…
hey there! I have a tres fab Whitney English Giveaway going on at my blog! http://adventuresofkag.blogspot.com/2009/10/amazing-whitney-english-giveaway_27.html come check it out. xoxo KAG
YOU THINK I AM SMART? Crazy girl, I am not the Vet Tech! I would probably maim more kitties and doggies than help them. Not intentionally of course. My luck I would end up shaving too much fur off, and give poor mr. kitty a reason to have a higher pitched meow.

I should not have stopped here and looked at your pictures of ICE CREAM...that is just rotten...I don't have any!

It must be PMS time cause a super big craving for chocolate just whomped me!

Teacher? eh I don't think so...I will post about that some other time (you will laugh at how many times I have lost my temper on complete strangers for their disrespect or mistreatment in public of people I love and verbally put them in their place), as I would be in prison for beating the living crap out of all non-respecting-snot-nosed, baggy pants wearing, gangster wanna be, smart mouth punk teenagers!

Yep, I should have been born a gunslinger in the 1800's, that or an executioner.

love you!
Llama said…
oohhh nooo! what did you just do to me? i had no idea about that ice cream until YOU little MISSY put it IN MY HEAD! Now i MUST just MUST go out and buy some! URGGHHH!!! Its all your fault! LOL!

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