Sometimes in Life,
You find the Best Friendships in the Oddest Places.
And it just feels right.

Thank you Bloggy Friends.
** Miss Jody**


Lindsey said…
Truer words were never spoken!
Kaitlin said…
I totally agree!

Love the pupppers pic too. They look so happy!
Jen~nae said…
Cute Pics Jody True! I will never forget that sweet dog or that "sweet" kitty! :) hehe I miss you lady and I hope everything is going well! Love you!
Awww those are cute pictures!
I love you Friend!
Tracy-Girl said…
Adorable picture! I 100 percent agree with you :)
Llama said…
awwww love it!! love bloggy friends!!
I agree with you. Snowflake, my eldest cat, didn't care for my youngest cat Hobbs when I first brought him home. Now they are the best of friends. They cuddle up to each other at night on my bed or in the closet during the day. Oh sure, they have their periodic boxing matches, but they are a great pair of cats that keep me sane more so than anything else.
hey girl! just tagged you for an award over at my place! = )
Vanessa said…
I love when I see dogs and cats getting along!

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