.10.21.09.."Say Cheeeese!"

I have this program that distorts images and I. had. so. much. FUN.
I was laughing so hard. I was crying.
This doesn't even look like us!!
Ha! ha!!
Boy, I'm bored...
...or something.

Have a great Day! :)


totally laughing my butt off right now! y'all look too funny! Hope your having a great day! = )
Trish said…
thanks so much for a GREAT laugh to start my day!!!!

That cracked me up...gotta go run and pee!!!!!
Lindsey said…
Haha it def does NOT look like you guys at all, but it's funny!
Sunshinemeg said…
Hilarious! Little things like that are so fun.
Jen~nae said…
HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHH!!!!!!!!!! At first I thought these were more Halloween masks!!!! You did good!!! lol Maybe you can make a living off of doing this!! :)
Kaitlin said…
how funny! Over the weekend I discovered that my webcam on my laptop can take all these funny pictures. I was laughing so hard.
Beth Dunn said…
That is so freaky! You guys look like something from a movie---fun distortion thingy. Have fun at your duck party! xoxo

You should have posted the original pic to!
I was worried that maybe you found you really scary looking twins in your new home town....LOL
I so miss you guys!
Tayler can't Trick or Treat you.....that is so sad.
Oh Tayler asked me the other day...."Mom can I text Jody?" me:"You can't spell how are you going to text?" her:"You tell me what buttons to push duh!" Oh I died laughing! So if you get some random letters it is from Tayler!
OOOOOOH Jody I need that program for all my political rants....I could have soooo much fun with all the bozos out there.....

You two look .....like you belong in the hills....

did I say that?

Thanks for the giggle by the way!
TriciaNae said…
Hilarious. Just found your blog. Fun!
Holy cow that picture is SCARY!!!
Jillian, Inc said…
Hilarious! We have that program, too and we did it one night after I'd washed my face and had my glasses on and LORD HAVE MERCY there were some scary ones of me. ha!
Great picture! I don't think your bored, just having fun.
Llama said…
hahaha! this is hysterical! I must try!!!

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