.10.14.09.."Poor Thing"

The Mr. wouldn't let me take a pic and blog about his bloodshot eyes...so I had to search for a pic to blog about. I have NEVER seen (no pun intended) anything like this!!

The Mr woke up over the weekend with his eyes SOOOoooooo flippin' red that I couldn't look at him without my own eyes hurting!

They burned & itched. He had to keep the brim of his hat down over his eyes cause bright lights hurt them.
Agh! Have you ever tried to force an elephant to do something? Well, that's what it's like! to get him to go see a Dr!!
He says: "Ahhh....I'm fine..." Gosh! Men.
I've been treating his eyes with eye drops.oh and have you ever wrestled an elephant? Yip. That's what it's like! Gosh! Men.

He claims: "It hurts!"

My reply: "Try having cramps where your totally incapacitated and can't move from the fetal position. Every single month.For the rest of your life!"

His reply:"They don't hurt that bad"


Sunshinemeg said…
Hahah, damn straight they don't hurt that bad. Those are some scary eyes though.
Vanessa said…
poor Mr.! But funny comeback!
Kaitlin said…
we had something similar a couple years ago, and it turned out to be a major pollen build up in the top of his eyelids. He should go and get some drops, the eye doctor is the easiest to go to. (and im terrified of doctors)
Jen~nae said…
oh man! That sucks! :( Poor Daren! Are they better now?? Thanks to miss Jody's treating them?? hehe That was a funny ending to your blog by the way! "I guess they don't hurt that bad..." haha I hope he's doing better....That is weird..maybe he got something in them??
Lindsey said…
Aww poor guy!! Garth gets that too, I don't know what it is.
Blog-unclogged said…
Well I do know how difficult it is... irritating too! And cramps do hurt pretty bad. They got better for me after childbirth! Hint that one to the Mr.

I think perhaps men need to have a clamp tightened on their tender external hanging parts for a few days to get the sensation we deal with as women; as that is how I feel, like someone just reached in and started tightening my organs in a vise grip! It just plain hurts!

BTW does he have infectious conjunctivitis? There is a good homeopathic eye drop for that, or you can go with the prescriptive strength.


I used that stuff with Lawson, he had it bad....I thought his eyes look like cherry tomatoes with black spots in the middle!
Kristin said…
What is with men refusing the services of a doctor? It's like pulling teeth for me to get the hubs to go or even take something like cold medicine. Geesh!
Meg said…
ahh, I hope they clear up soon. I had shingles in my eye one time and it was horrible.

LOL his comments are funny! ;)
Shay said…
My husband is totally opposite. He want's to go to the doctor about everything, and I am the one who think's everything will be fine. =-) lol
The Pink Chick said…
I hope his eyes are better soon! By the way, love the comment about cramps! You are too funny!
I fully understand how he feels about having sore eyes. I get them too. I like your comeback though. Can't say I relate to it. I don't get cramps. Oh well, I hope he feels better.
Beth Dunn said…
My Husband is an eye doc--seriously it would take him a second to help him. It is very common. Best of luck xoxo


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