.10.28.09.."WANTED:" Squirrel Sitters

Well, these lil' siblings...came to our clinic about 3 weeks ago...they have been since then passed around the clinic, to the employees-to Squirrel-Sit.
Umm...That's right folks. You heard me.
It was our turn-in OUR- I mean, The Mr. and I. He was thrilled to do it!! He immediately took over and fed them...
As you remember in prev. posts...he's since then, tried to make friends with our wild turtles-yes, turtles can be wild! He's been trying to make friends with them...he feeds 'em and brings 'em treats. He says they love apples...
he married the right woman..you never know what I'll bring home.
He always welcomes them with open arms :) He's a wonderful, kind-hearted, sweet Man :)

Now? Who's turn is it?
To Squirrel Sit?


This brings back so many memories for me! When we were little my dad found a tiny squirrel that had fallen out of his nest. We took him in and raised him until he was too big to keep in our house anymore. After that he lived for years in a little house we made him in our backyard. Squirrels are such cute pets! You should keep one!
PS Thank you for your always super nice comments on my blog. It makes my day reading them!
Sunshinemeg said…
Haha, oh my gosh that is so cute. I can't believe they are so small. My mom hates those things because they always get in bird feeders, but seeing this picture might make her change her mind.
Trish said…
They are just way too cute! I'll take them off your hands for awhile!

Soooooooo sweeeeeeeeet!!!!
Lindsey said…
Oh my gosh! He is so cute and small!!
Jen~nae said…
Adorable!!! :) What do your kitties think?? I'd be afraid I'd break them they're so tiny!
Tracy-Girl said…
They are really cute!! I have always wanted to catch one, but they are so fast and I am kind of scared of the big ones!! but they are so cute!
Ian & Jess said…
Ah omgosh - What do you do for a living, because I would love to do it?
I would take them in a heartbeat!
I agree with Jen, with two cats in the house--I'd be too afraid to bring the babies home. They would have a field day. In any case, I'm glad they found a bunch of great people to take care of them, you and the Mr. included. I hope they turn out okay!!
too cute girl!! I can not let Macy see this post! haha.
Shay said…
Awww! They are so TINY!
I always get out of this when they bring these things to our clinic. I am not getting up in the middle of the night for a squirrel!! You guys are better people than me!

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