I do not know this person.
This was sent to me by my Dad ...
Remember the Seinfeld episode about "shrinkage"?
George: "I was in the pool!!!!!"
Ha! Ha!!!


Beth Dunn said…
That is freaking hysterical!!!! And your Dad sent it. LOL


That is great! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
The New Black said…
Eek! Looks just like something my Dad would send me. It's always a good thing to get partial nudity from the Pops, right!?! ☺
I am sitting here shaking my head.....oh no she didn't really post that....LOL you are a nut!
Brown Girl said…
Haha, that made me laugh!!! A naked angel snow shoveling...how random!!
Shannon said…
hahahahhahha..I love that your dad sent this! :)

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