Ah well...I was trying to sound out the "Bride walking down the isle" song in my header...I'll be here all day...

But we were invited to the BeaUtIfuL!! wedding over the weekend, (we didn't know the bride and groom-only the fathers of both) but this wedding was soooo beautiful, people!
It was on the lake and the day was perfect...I just smiled the whole time.
I love weddings...
It's so neat that you are one of the witnesses that witness them giving themselves and their heart to one another...sigh.....The Mr. did promise me we will get re-married on our 10 year Wedding Anniversary! I can't wait! EEKKK!! Is this silly? I see and hear people do it all the time?!
It won't be a HUGE shin-dig. However, I just love him so!!

P.S.**** The Squirrels are officially part of the family. We decided to keep them and raise them ourselves. When they are big enough they will be turned back into the wild...
The Mr. fell in love with them.
There will be plenty of updates!!!
Oh- we need names!! We have 1 boy-1 girl...suggestions?


Meg said…
Silly? Pssst, no! Romantic... ah, yes! ;)

What about Linus and Lucy?
Me and My hubby are probably going to do the same thing...a "real" wedding. We had a JP wedding back in 2002 after he got back from the 1st deployment. We paid 2 Marines we did not know, to be our witnesses. We paid them in what all Marines highly enjoy.......BEER. They didn't care, they were two nice young guys who witnessed, signed and then "see ya later".

When I am in a good mood, I can do weddings and smile. But if I have been in a bad mood for a few months (which can happen....hey, it can) then I am not so happy and cynical thoughts go through my brain...like "those poor kids have NO clue what they are getting into!" OR, thoughts like "I really should have wore black to this function!" My favorite "Be afraid, be very afraid"

In all seriousness I enjoy weddings, I can just remember while married to my first, I was not happy much and would spend more time wishing someone had stood up during the ceremony and said "STOP! I see a huge reason why these two should not be united in holy Matrimony, the BRIDE IS ABOUT TO MARRY A CRAZY MAN".....sigh

So two squirrels huh? Tom and Geri....only I changed the Jerry to Geri, for the girl.

My buffalo nickel thought

Love you!
those squirrels are so cute! i don't know what you should call them, never had a pet squirrel before!
DayDreamer said…
Glad u choose to keep the squirrels..the look totally adorable..

Cant think of any names..but am sure you would come up with something wonderful..

Keep smiling :-)

Tracy-Girl said…
Those pictures are beautiful!! Love that cake!
I knew you two were the romantic type! Weddings are beautiful. As for names, how about Sally Brown and Linus Van Pelt. We all know how much Sally adores Linus--just a thought.
Love the cake pic! Oh so pretty!
Ok so Tayler says
Princess and Peanut
Shay said…
That cake is AWESOME! I love it!

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