.10.31.09.."Happy Spooky Day!"

Okay, some of these pics are repeats and some have been seen by Family and Friends..
However, ....how fitting for a spooky Halloween Day!

Everyone have a safe and fun evening :)


You look pretty ghoulish! Scary!

Hey girl, DON'T let me get started on how many letters, emails and phone calls I have made to my local and state reps! AND to the WHITE HOUSE. I have, and DO constantly LET THEM KNOW how I FEEL.

Just wait, there is a storm brewing. The undercurrents of ire stirred by this disconnected congress and administration are strong....not just with me, but with many who never paid attention until Obama started his agenda to throw the country down the toilette.

Me and Chuck both contact our reps regularly...but will be stepping it up more in prep for 2010.

I just wish more people would stop listening to the mainstream media....there is a ton of information (credible) which if the American population knew about....could likely stir a revolt. It is pretty nasty indeed.

Sadly, most just sit back content to ignore and go on happily about their own business. This does not suggest that I am unhappy with my life, or that I sit in great discontent, it merely shows I have stopped letting someone else influence my thinking....just the facts ma'am, just the facts.

I wish others would do the same...
Anonymous said…
Happy Halloweeny!
Pssst, by the way, I really love the GREEN faced ghoul picture!

My kids were here the other day and saw your first distorted faces....

Johnny, turned his head to the side "WHAT IS WRONG WITH THOSE PEOPLE MOM?"......

It was funny to see his reaction.

This bloggy thing is getting addicting, I am getting more news from the bloggers than from the dang NEWS....these people are like the "underground network".....I have been coming across somethings out there before I hear it on the radio....weird.

Now the FCC wants to push some dumb thing about Net Neutrality....they always come up with these benign names for the next Orwellian Big Brother legislation in their caps.....

Did you see the one about the CIA gaining access to technology that would allow them to "monitor internet chatter for anti government sentiment"? You can thank George W. Shrub for that. I already know my ISP will be waving a huge red flag on their screen!!!!!!

I will have to post some of my "other" information I have dug up. Some is comical entertainment....like people out there who think we are being ruled by reptilian lizard aliens (they say Hillary Clinton is a lizard person)...it is some real Halloween entertainment....you should go look up truthism.com

This is what happens when the hippies of the 60's who fried their brain cells, decided to procreate ....then the 70's didn't help either because everyone was now high on dope (they thought this a much safer route since it was a plant & made returns to cocaine because it was also from a plant), mingled with fumes of geri-curl, & toxic fumes from plastic furniture could really send the synaptic firings in a tizzy....

Anyway......why couldn't I have thought up the lizard aliens? I could be making some big bucks right now.
Tracy-Girl said…
Happy halloween!! :) I love those!
Anonymous said…
too funny girl! happy halloween!
Jen~nae said…
GREAT PICS JOD!!! That is amazing how you do that! Spooky! :) The green faces were by far the ickiest! :) Have a fantabulous Halloween my deary!

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