.9.4.09.." Missing......"

Have you seen these in Arkansas? Let me answer that for you.

The last time, I even tasted one of these tasty lil' morsels were in Oregon. Yip. Last time folks.

I'm convinced it must be banned in this state. Why else would they not want it here? Ummm??? Tell me that?
This ain't right?!! My Mr. and I have searched high and low for this particular flavor and.

I'll go back to where we first met.
This flavor of Cheeto, and me.
It was at my old work. Just another day...
This ex co-worker always brought junk food-"Cer-rah!"

I stole a Cheeto and then it was love at first bite.

I went home with 2 bags.
Ate all of the two bags.....hoping I would get rid of my addiction to them by overloading on them.Make my myself sick of them! Hoping I would be repulsed by them, if I mere looked at another Cheeto bag.....
Nope. They were tooo smart.
All I got was a stomach ache.mouth that was on fire for hours.orange stained fingers. and me wanting more.

Nice try, Jody.

The Mr. thinks I should write the Cheeto company.
I think I just may do that.
It's a conspiracy I say.

{Note: I would like to thank my friend Jen-nae back home, for supplying this polished off bag of Cheetos to make this photo possible. And this post.
Without it. I'd be hosed.}


Ian & Jess said…
What - Cheetos with Lime? Never heard of such a thing. Must be banned in my state too. Now I want to try them
Jen~nae said…
HAHA!!! You're very welcome Jody True Who! I'm glad I did cuz now I have a freakin HILARIOUS post to read! You are such a crack up! I never get tired of reading your blogs! Never!!! Those chips are pretty good, but I can never eat much at once cuz they truly are HOT!!
If I find any, I'll send them to you. Think of it as simply another addiction, kind of like your tanning booth. I like baked Cheetos, the very cheesy kind. In any case, looks like you found another addiction you can be proud of. Happy eating!!
Anonymous said…
I remember seeing them at one time...I will have to make sure and look the next time I am at the store and let you know if TN is "lime-less"! Hope you have a great weekend! = )
Ashley Pizarro said…
Oh.my.gosh. I LOVE THE FLAMING HOT CHEETOS!! I haven't seen the ones with lime EVER but, I do love the flaming hot ones!!! :) I think you and I might be twins....or just best friends who have never met!
Miss-happypants said…
lol...that's just weird! I think you should write them...lol. it would be a hillarious letter I'm sure. They would probably get such a kick out of it that they would send you some for free. :)
I've never heard of them! Maybe they haven't made it to the south yet...

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