.9.9.09.." I Watch One Too many Crime Shows.."

Okay, we get this idea to go crystal mining over the weekend...and my faithful tour guide, {aka: The Mr.} looks up on-line this area about an hour away from our home...
It feels like we were traveling to where "Deliverance" was made.
We pull in. In the middle of nowhere. No screams could be heard that far out.
I tell the Mr. "Oh, I'm scaaaaaared.This is spooky"
He chuckles. {I didn't think it was funny}
We pull into the parking lot. We have the only clean vehicle.
"Ummm. Baby, all the cars here have dust on them..I don't think they have moved in a while..maybe something happened to them?"
He chuckles...{Nope.still not funny.}
He gets out and heads for this sign that is clearly hand painted into this shack-looking-store-thing..."Welcome-Enter"
"Umm...Baby...there is no exit sign?Wait don't go in there..."
He chuckles. And goes in...
Just then a lady with ONE big tooth in her mouth comes out! I was scared.
I ran in, behind The Mr.
They ask us what package deal we want...yada, yada, yada......
Then, to leave our Credit Card and ID!!! Huh?
I said "Nope"
The Mr. looks at me and says" No more crime movies for you..."
I chuckled! Ha! Ha!

So we are shuffled into the back of this truck with strangers and they travel up this mountain with you....with you banging and crashing everywhere and your flying around in your seat!
Trying to stay seated!
I took pictures of everyone in the back of the truck and told them.." I see this stuff on TV and don't worry, I have pictures of all of us..so if something happens I have proof we were here!!"
One of the ladies chimes in and says: "Yeah, they have our Drivers License and everything..they are probably hauling away our vehicles right now..."
I did not chuckle.
The Mr. did.
But needless to say, I was worried and stressed about nothing.
They drop you off on the mountain and come back for you, 2 hours later...
You dig in the dirty dirt, and get all gross and hot,.... it was fun!
Of course, AFTER she gets to the top and gives her lil' spiel about what not to do/to do...she says: " Oh, and stay over here amongst these trees, because there are snake nests over there..."
Ohhhhhh.....NOW you say something!
After my A** is up here! Her mention of the word snake sent my skin crawling....
Then SHE proceeded to show us how to pick up a rock the correct way so when IT DOES strike at you....Yea! When it DOES strike at you...yip...that's what I said......
It hits the rock and not you.
Well, heck- ain't that good to know!!!!!

But we had fun and found beautiful rocks...
No, we are not rock collectors...however, decorating your flower pots with them is very pretty.
But we had fun!
We laughed and had a great time!

P.S....I so! overpack. I always want to be prepared! I brought: Lots of cold water, food, extra shirt, extra tools, and a first aid kit...then sure enough someone cut there leg bad! And here I come!! "Hey! Excuse me, sir! You need to clean that! Here, I have gauze, bandages, and adhesives..."
The dude just looked at me.
Blood running down his leg and all...


Shannon said…
hahaha..this is the cutest story! Love all the pics and you look so super cute out there :)
Ian & Jess said…
Haha you and your rock diggin. But you look super cute doing it :)
Miss-happypants said…
hahahaa, I can totally see you chasing down that guy to give him a bandaide. :) I watch too many scary movies too...but they're sooo good!
Miss Anne said…

i wanna come visit
and do ALL of these things
Lindsey said…
Ha cute story! You are seriously adorable!!!
Ahhh, HOW FUN!! I love all of the pics! You are SO CUTE.
Meg said…
ahahaha...you're too funny! I love the way you describe things. ;) Sounds like fun though. Love how your hair was braided! Cute!
What and adventure!
And girly you sure do watch to many scary movies.....LOL That is funny as heck! " I have proof..we were all out there see sitting on the truck" LOL

Run him down Jody and bandage that leg!!! I am sure he thought you were nuts!
Hey! Where can I find these places? It looks fun despite the dangers.
you look so cute!! you might watch too many crime shows though! i gotta agree with your hubs! =)
Jen~nae said…
You're SOOO cute in that lil outfit with all your digging supplies! :) I feel sorry for that man that you probably tackled just so you could use your lil first aid kit on him!!! HAHA Once again...I can picture you doing that. You just freakin crack me up! I miss and love you Jody True Who!!!

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