I'm sooooo ExCitEd!!
We leave friday night...

We made plans to stay..... at this...
GuLp....Haunted Hotel!!! EeeeEEEEeEeeeKkkkkkKkKKkk!!!!
This Hotel has been featured in "Taps" and on Discovery Channel...
The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Ar...
I'm so nervously-spooked-ExciTed!
I've always wanted to do this...it will be for 2 freakish nights.
I'm tellin' ya people! I'm NOT feminine when it comes to getting scared. I scream like a man...scream from DEEP down! My face expressions change -all distorted and stuff...ugly sight ya'll... I turn very strong..I'm serious....
I will. mow. yer. A** over! to get you out of my way!!
Old ladies...lil' children...burning building..sorry, I'm THE biggest chicken Turd in the world..
Why? Why you ask am I doing this?
Duh, cuz it sounds fun! :)
C'mon. What an experience. My husband is soooo excited.
EEEEEEKKkkkkkk!!!!!!!! {Leg kicking in the air.and wild expression on my face}


WOW!!!! Hope you have a blast! = )
I keep seeing your comment on other blogs and HAD to check you out! Have a fantastic trip!
Ian & Jess said…
That sounds so fun - You always do the cutest things. That gave me a good idea for Halloween!!!!

Do tell how it went.
Sunshinemeg said…
Awesome! Please takes pics and tell us about all the spooky things that happen! Brave girl!
Heather said…
Oh my goodness, you are a lot braver than me!! Hope you have a great time!
Lindsey said…
How fun!! Take lots of pics!=)
That sounds really cool! I hope you have a great time!!
Meg said…
Ah, Jody, you're going to love staying at this hotel (it's BEAUtiful! ;) and Eureka Springs has so many lovely little shops. If you're hungry Sheridan's Ozark Buffet is a good place to fill up. If you get bored in Eureka you're only about an hour away from Branson and Silver Dollar City!

It's been years since I've visited Eureka (my grandparents lived there when I was little) and I'm so jealous. ;)

Hope ya'll have fun exploring Eureka! :D Make sure to take lots of pictures to share.
Jen~nae said…
Thats creepy Jody True!!! AH!!! I can TOTALLY picture you two doing that though! And I can just hear that manly-I-just-saw-a-snake scream! haha I hope you guys have a blast and you best have a good long blog about it!!! :) I'm sure you will... :)
If Taps declared it actually haunted, you may be the biggest chicken you can muster up. If not, have fun anyway.
Oh man I am so jealous I wanna go to a haunted hotel! OMG you have to tell us how it is. I can totally see you laying there in the dark with your camera ready to shoot....LOL Is that a ghost....dang no pic....and she tries again....LOL
Miss Anne said…
who taught you to leg kick again?

have fun!

take LOTS of pics, capture a ghost on film!

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