.9.8.09.."Put some of this on your smacker!!"

Isn't this great!
Ha! Ha!
A co-worker brought this is in, and said she thought of me when she saw this??????

It's sure an item you don't see everyday!!!!


Miss-happypants said…
hahahahahha....how do they advertise that one? It's like no other...it's almost like you're right there kissing a chicken's butt! Get your chicken poop right here...smells like the real thing!!! Make no mistake...it IS the real thing....no substitutes here!!! :)
Lindsey said…
HAHAHAHA! Too funny!
Jen~nae said…
Hah! That is great!!! You sure must be making an impression on your co workers! lol
Anonymous said…
Eww!! Still kinda funny though...
I love how they have to really say....Contains no chicken poop! LOL
Miss Anne said…
LoL how's it smell/taste?

Sending you a little something today!

Brown Girl said…
I was wondering why I wasn't getting your updates in my reader, well I wasn't following? W-T-Hail?? All is good now.

Chicken poop. Ew. ;)
Meg said…
ahahah...too funny! :)
Lyr said…
Huh?!?! Weird... very funny though!

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