.9.24.09." Happy Birthday Wish!!"

Today is my Sweet Little Sister's Birthday!!

If I had the right connections, I'd shout from the roof top of how much I love her and Happy Birthday!!

Until now,

this is all I could do....

"Happy Birthday!!"


That's sweet! :) Hope she has a great one!
Jen~nae said…
That's so neat how you did that Jody True Who! You're a great sis! :)
Awww you are such a great big sis!!
Happy Birthday T!!!
Aw...That looks great! You're a wonderful sister, I'm sure!
Lyr said…
Happy birthday to her! And thanks for your sweet commenting about blogging. I needed to hear that! Thanks!
Everyone should have a sister like you. Give yourself some time, the right connections will come so that next year you could light up a bill board and shout from the roof top at the same time. I hope she had a great day!!
Ian & Jess said…
How nice of you - That would be a neat idea too <3 Happy birthday to her!!!
Anonymous said…
thank u so much,,i luv it!!ur so sweet and i miss u:)tami
Llama said…
AWW! How sweet is that?!? Adorable blog btw! Enjoy the rest of the weekend! :)
Ashley Pizarro said…
AWWWW You are such a good sister! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SISSY! (thats what I call my sister!)

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