.912.09." Limited Ed..What?!!!"

Oh, M & M...
Oh, why have you done this to me?
I already have a weakness when it comes to the plain, peanut, and almond....now you add to this insane list?
For a Limited Time? Or -just -these-great-colors-Time?
Now, we are forced to stock up.
{Since I can't find the Crispy M & M's anymore....boo...}
The coconut ones tastes like... lil' Almond Joys...{with no nuts}
Fabulous. Just Fabulous I must say!! :)
For a Limited Time...?


Jen~nae said…
Oh my WORD!!!! How many did you guys BUY??? A Hundred???? Geesh!!!! lol Well, I guess that's a good way to get yourself sick of them quickly! haha
The Pink Chick said…
I love Coconut M&Ms! So yummy!
I have NEVER seen these - although that's probably a good thing. Trying to lose a few lbs! They sound yummy though!
When you find something you like, stock up. Why not? Go for it!
Miss-happypants said…
lol...too funny! How many do ya need? I don't think I've seen those here...course I haven't looked either.

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