.9.21.09." Yay-Er!!!"

Hi there Ladies xoxoxooox ,
I would love to thank "Miss Jackie"
over at her wonderful blog , L Y M I B and then also!..

"Miss Ashley" over at her creative blog, Pink-Ture Perfect

Both these ladies nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award!Yay-er!!!!

Okay, to accept this I have to :

1** Thank the Lovely Ladie(s) who gave me this wonderful award!

(thank you! thank you! :)xoxoxoox)

2** Copy logo and put on blog (check )

3** Link the person who nominated you ( thank you Mr., for showing me this...)

4** Name 7 things about yourself no one knows....ummm, er....I blog. Hello? Everyone knows everything...but okay, here goes...

5** Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers

6** Post links to the 7 Kreativ Bloggers

7** Leave a comment on each blog ,letting them know you nominated them :)


Here goes my list about me:

1} I'm Over-the-top when I like or interested in something...(hobby, idea, craft idea, home decor..)

2} I don't like Naggers...I refuse to nag at my husband... WE TALK about things. No Nagging allowed...

3} I {DO} get winy when I'm sick, tired, or REALLY hungry....gggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........

4} Anyone that has done me wrong in the past...I still think our paths were meant to be. Or I wouldn't have become the person I am today. I thank every one one of them {okay, NoT a ton of people have done me wrong, just a lil' bit} for giving me a lesson in life and wish them the best in life :) I HONESTLY mean that from the bottom of my heart...No hard feeling here.

5} I'm a make-up PRINCESS!!! **{LoVe}** make-up!!...just wish I knew how to use it to my advantage :)

6} I have eaten the SAME breakfast since 2007, now. Everyday. Hey, works for me!

7} I'm addicted to blogging. Love the ladies I get to know, and want to see whats going on in their lives...love it ***


I nominate these 7 lovely ladies

1} High Heels & Huntin' Boots

2} A Lady and an Officer

3} A Match Made in Heaven

4} Adventures of A Southern Newlywed

5} A Southern Accent

6} I Pick Pretty

7} Life as a Busy Wife

There you go!
7 Ladies I'm going to (hopefully ) get to know and hopefully you too :)

Have a great day and thank you again Ladies :)


Thanks for visiting my blog and the award! Super cute blog!
The Pink Chick said…
Congrats on your award! I love learning more about you!
Kaitlin said…
Thank you for the nice Monday surpirse!!
Annie said…
congrats on the award!! :)
happy monday ;)
hope you had a great weekend!
Brown Girl said…
I am such a brat when I'm tired or hungry, I even annoy myself! ;)
If anyone deserves the award, you do. Your blog is great!!
Congrats on your award!! I'm also ridiculously whiny when I'm tired... I don't know how the hubs puts up with me!!
LOL same breakfast.....ugh I would get so tired of that.
All tho it was good when you made it for me. yummy.
I soooooo love your blogging stories. But not the same as when you tell stories in person. Miss you much!!
Congrats on the award!!

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