.9.22.09.."I'm Singing In The Rain!"

Okay, is anyone else flooding here in the South?
My Land-Ta!
I feel like we are back in Oregon!
When will this insanity stop!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, one good thing: It's nice and warm out...it's not FREEZING rain!

Help me out....
A} Should I wear my life jacket around town...and embarrass my husband even more???
B} Should not. He's being tortured enough everyday of knowing me....Ha! Ha!
Wouldn't he just die!!!! Lol!!!
I could say in my defense: " Safety First!!"
Even though pulling a stunt like that, would never surprise him...
Have a great {clear throat}...Dry Day!!!!!!


Sunshinemeg said…
Wear the life jacket only if it matches what you are wearing, ha! Sorry about the flooding though. hope you and your fam are safe and sound.
Jen~nae said…
You're such a goober! I can only imagine poor Daren's face if you wore a life jacket around town! But that would be HILARIOUS!!!!!!! haha It's nice and sunny and warm here in Oregon! :)
I can see it. You come out with your life jacket on.....D just shakes his head at you with a smile on his face and a smart comment to go with it. And you are like....yeah what I don't wanna drown.
Haha, I definitely vote "A"!!! It would be HILARIOUS to see someone walking around with a life jacket! Ahhh, I just loveee your sense of humor and zest for life!
Miss Anne said…
Girl, bedazzle the shit out of a life jacket, and start a new craz!

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