.9.15.09.."Rumble through the streets"

Well, this last weekend here- was a sight to see!!
It was an Annual Biker Rally-weekend.

"Weekend-er - Bikers" and "Bikers" from all around, plan to come and gather here all weekend..

The streets rumbled and shook with the Hog sound!
It was the coolest sound! You see some of the nicest bikes in your life.
It's a very well known event around here...people set up chairs in parking lots and stand along the streets just to see this parade of bikes, up and down the streets!
We headed downtown to just to witness this parade of beautiful bikes...
Bikes everywhere! Biker bars were loaded with these expen$ive machines...
Rows of chrome!! Nice. Very nice.

Okay, however there were Biker B****** that could kick your A**!!!
Wow! Tough looking...{gulp}..Ladies?


LOL. I bet it was LOUD, but it is fun to see all the different bikes out there.
Jen~nae said…
HAHA!!! tough looking (gulp) ladies??? Priceless Jody! That sounds really neat, you two are such busy bodies! Doing something every weekend! :) Glad you're enjoying it there!!! Looks like theres a lot to do! I'm still missing you!!
That would have been cool to see.
I would have been tempted to ask for a ride....
I take it you didn't participate. Would have been fun if you did. Oh well, I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Miss-happypants said…
so remind me how you make the fun little photo collages. Please. :)

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