.9.17.09.."Movie Review..."

Over the weekend we went and watched...on a lazy,rainy,not-wanting-to-over-exert-ourselves-Sunday afternoon....a horror flick!!
What a great way to spend an afternoon....we got our HUGE Tub-O-Popcorn, w/ Extra butter, our 3D glasses, no make-up {um...that's me...}, sweat pants...oh so relaxing....

As for the movie:
It was "Okay"....if you like the other "Final Destinations" then this is a must see! The 3D adds to it, and makes it so much more of treat! :)
Okay, I'm just saying if I just witnessed my friend being killed or sliced right in front of me....I'd probably react a lil different than these actors..maybe go into a catatonic state and stand in shock...instead of : "Oh rats. MaryBeth got killed, can you pass me the Cheerios...I love Cheerios...they are so crunchy..."


Lindsey said…
YES big tub of popcorn and with extra butter is the only way to see a movie!!
Jen~nae said…
haha you're a dork! :) I wanna see that! I liked the other ones too! Those 3 D glasses are pretty amazing!!! Glad you guys had fun!
Miss Anne said…
lol remember the LAST 3D movie you attended (it was with US!).... lol for some reason those 3D glasses and the movies make me sick (like naseous!) weird eh?

anywho... i'm sad to say we will be going to see SAW VI this year w/out you on halloween :(

miss your face.
Ashley Pizarro said…
Ok I wondered if this movie was any good or not. I have seen the other Final Destination movies so...I just had to wonder. You are the ONLY person I "know" that has seen it! :)
I dunno...I can only handle horror movies once in a great while. Eek!
Heather said…
I hate horror flicks!! I'm a big ol scaredy cat! Is this one real scary? Y'all look so cute! Now I want a big tub of popcorn!
Vanessa said…
No movie is complete without a mongo popcorn with butter!!

As for the movie, yeah, if my friends were being killed in front of me there would be no way I would be saying "pass the Cheerios..."

Have a great weekend!

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