.9.13.09..."Things I think About..."

Okay, I have been working on this post a while.....
something has been bugging me, when ever I see a lonesome tennis shoe in the road.
Is this a rising epidemic?
Do you get to your destination and get out of the car and say:
" Darn it! It happened again! My shoe just fell off, just fleeeeewwwww out the window. Just flew out"
How do you lose a shoe?
Let alone, one?
AND!!! You never see a high heel in the road, huh?
Never a pair, either...just one lonesome.
shoe.tennis shoe.

P.s. While setting up for this post..
I had to turn around three times to get this shot!!
I was bound and determined to get this picture...Phew!
Its-a blur, but I did it.
I had to do a "Dukes of Hazard" maneuver...


Good point - why just one and how in the world did they end up on the road anyway!

And I'm laughing hysterically at the thought of seeing you trying to drive while getting the perfect "shoe in the road" photo!! :) Happy Sunday!
I don't get the one shoe on the road thing either. Of course, if you should find a pair of heels on the road, if they are of high quality--find a way of picking them up; if not, a photo will suffice.
Jen~nae said…
Jody......YOu should know better than to drive and TAKE PICSSSSSSS at the same time!!!!!! lol They say talking on the phone and driving is dangerous!!! Can you imagine getting pulled over for taking pics and driving??? haha Jody Says: "Sorry officer, I just saw that lone shoe and HAD to get a picture of it so I could blog about it!"
Officer: Rolls his/her eyes.....
Miss-happypants said…
maybe somebody got hit by a car...or was on meth and lost a shoe and didn't notice...or drunk...they could've been drunk....or they could've had those baggy baggy pants that were falling down and they had to run from a person with a bad attitude and the pants started to slip and make them trip...and then they stumbled and the shoe fell off, but they couldn't stop because the not so happy man was chasing him...hmmm????...could be. Then he pooped a little (cause he was scared)...did you see any poop? If you did...I'm sure that's what happened. Classic really.

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