"I Love to Create..."

Just a lil' sumpon-sumpon I made the other day,
 while on my espresso high*...Thank you Mr. :)
These are decorations for my Craft Room, to inspire me... 

I love playing in my craft room::sigh::
I love forward to just creating and going into my own lil' world...
and not thinking of anything.
It's my escape from reality:::

My sweet Mr. Took the day off with me..
Yes, Fridays are now my day off..

And well, we have no idea what's in store for us.
I'm just so happy I get to spend it with him :)

Have a wonderful Day Loves....

at this moment...
is making me a kick-arse
Go ahead.
Be jealous.
It's okay :)


Meg said…
ah, you're so crafty. It kind of makes me jealous because I am NOT! haha ;)
Trish said…
not only am I So jelous over your mocha but this crafty stuff too!!!!

You have such wonderful ideas....you rbrain must never rest huh?

Too bad my last name is a boring ole "O"....mine would just look like a dopey circle...{{humph}}
Summer said…
Love the letters! Super cute and creative chicka! How sweet of you hubby to make you a Mocha....yummo!!

Summer :0)
jenn said…
love the 'm'...

enjoy that mocha for me :o)
Jen~nae said…
Aw no! What happened to your Mondays off?? Those are amazing Jod! you are just so creative!!! I wish I was as good as you at that stuff! Sounds like a wonderful day off with your hubby!!!! Tell him Jen~nae says hello!!!!!!!!!! And that he better not get you addicted to coffee!!!! hehe
Vanessa said…
You are so crafty!!!
Amanda said…
those are great! i wish i was as creative as you!
oh, and i LOVE when my hubby takes a random day off to spend time. even if we dont do anything its so special. :)
Miss-happypants said…
You're so creative! I love getting ideas from you. :)

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