"StarBucks In Our Home?"

The Mr. is in love.
We found this espresso machine at "Burlington Coat Factory"..{I know!}
for $50.00....
it retails for $300.00..
So, of course he thought it was a steal:::
He has been a mocha-cappachino-Latte- maker ever since we brought this home about a week ago!
Collecting the syrups, recipes, and shot after shot!
He's getting really good at making these :)

Let's just say we are always up and awake!
Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!
He made me a mocha the other morning  for me
and I tell you what!!
I was whipin' out scrapbook project after scrapbook project!

Have a Great Caffeinated Day!!


Trish said…
Tell him I am on my over....Grande non fat white mocha with whip....EXTRA hot, please!

I gotta get me one a these babies!
The Pink Chick said…
Fun! I could seriously use a hit of yummy caffeine right now!
Lindsey said…
Fun!!! I love it!
Brown Girl said…
How awesome, I'd love to have one!!! I am a huge coffee drinker!!
jenn said…
that is a steal...enjoy the benefits from it :o)
Jocelyn said…
I so need one of those!!!! What an awesome find!!!! My poor scrapbooking has taken a back seat lately and it makes me sad...I need you here to motivate me:-)
Miss Anne said…
I love it!
He's the cutest barista i've seen all day!

Glad to hear he's pullin' shots and keeping you awake!

Miss your sweet face!
Kaycee said…
Oh man I would love to have one of those! We only have 1 starbucks near us and it's 25 minutes away lol.
Jen~nae said…
haha Like a lil kid with his toys huh??? I can totally picture it! :) Sounds yummy! Havin one of those would be awesome!

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