{No. It's not a Gy-norm-us Spider...}

It's a Chandelier.
Made of Cardstock.
and Sparkly

The Mr. was having a poker party with the GUYS.
So, I played in my
{craft} room.
With glue, glitter, and scissors.
My Word!
I hade Black glitter

But it was fun making it.

It hangs in the craft room,  
just in front of my closet..

Have a Sparkly Evening.


Amanda said…
that's awesome!
you are so creative!
What a fun little adventure with the sparkles!!!! I am loving it :)
Miss Anne said…
Great job sweet pea! i love it! :)
Trish said…
see what happens when you live a woman alone in a craft room :O)

Thanks for stopping by to let me know you are still alive & kickin!
hugs to ya!
Miss-happypants said…
That is awesome! At first I thought you were going to say you hung it up over the poker table. It would have been funny. :)

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