{True *Ramblings}

This is something that I struggle with everyday,
 here in this NEW world we moved too.
Am I stubborn
 that I don't wanna change?
Am I being untrue to myself?
Is change that bad?
If it changes you you are.
I believe it is.
I KNOW what I stand for.
I know and trust my strong beliefs.
I'm proud of WHAT  and WHO I am.

Then why am I looked at differently?
Is it THAT, 
 closed minded here?


I'm in the same boat as they.
They like who and what they are.
I'm open for IMPROVEMENT and constructive
criticism...but I know
 where to draw the line.

Noone's right

Have a good Day and Don't change
who you are.


The Pink Chick said…
Love this post!!!! This is definitely something I struggle with too! You should definitely be proud of who you are! If someone has a problem with it, then it is their problem not yours!!! I think your magnificent!!!
Trish said…
Sure miss hearing from you my friend!

Hope you are having a great week...many hugs!
Jen~nae said…
You're such a strong, smart, wonderful lady Jod! You keep doing exactly that! If other people dont understand, dont worry about it! They arent worth it!!! Stay true to yourself Jody True Who!!!! I love and miss you!!!
Miss Anne said…
Stay true to yourself.
Follow your heart.
Put YOU first.
Jocelyn said…
I saw that saying on Liz Kartchners blog and loved it...now I love it even more after reading your post!!! Don't change who you are EVER!!!!
Miss-happypants said…
DO NOT CHANGE WHO YOU ARE EVER!!!! It's okay that you have different beliefs, morals, and ideas from others around you. You are you! You are amazing! When you get those strange looks just tell them to bite you in the butt!

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