"I love {taking} Pictures..."


Summer said…
Love the pic oh and I have to share with you something! Kelcee loves those dandolions although she has a different name for them "foofy heads" yep "foofy heads" LOL....It is funny you posted this pic this morning because when I seen the picture I laughed right out loud!

Yesterday we have a few um dozen foofy heads in our back yard and Kelcee and I decided it would be a fun idea to blow them and shake them everywhere! I took lots of pics of her!

I realized after we had fun with the foofy heads that we just planted a gazillion foofy heads from the seeds we blew all over the yard LOL....

The hubs is gonna love me :0)

Jen~nae said…
You love taking pictures and I love looking at the pictures you've taken! :)
Miss Anne said…
this is a lovely picture sweet pea... well done.
you're doing so well with your photography!

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