"Great Shots Of The Day"

A friend of mine sent me these and I laughed outloud!
These are simply...
delightful ;)

Check out this seagulls' face! Ha! Ha!

...."and this is how we go around the car..around the car, arrrooound the caaaaar!"

This ladies' face cracks me up!!
"NO! Not the Granny Panties! I just bought'em!"
Ha! Ha!

Feel A lil' Trapped, do ya huh?

Pick on someone yer own size!
You better Run!!

"Touch my friend and I'll wape ya!..
I'm warning you..."

He meant business!
Check out these Talons!

Jody and her encounter with an Evil
Boo To Geese!
Scarey Monsters they are.

Okay, this is a set-up pic.
Who takes a German Shepard hunting?
But it's a funny pic, though.

This is THE BEST YET!!!!
Right in the Kisser!!
Ha! Ha!
Look at the camera soaring in the Air!
Ha! Ha!
I love it!!!

Have a great day sweet people!!


Those are to funny I LOVE them ahhah.. I think the last one with the camera in the air is AWESOME..
These are hilarious!! Thanks for the laugh!
Trish said…
hehehehe :O)

love the monkey with the stick and I sure hope the lady had clean "draws" in that suit case!

Have a super great weekend girlie!
Amanda said…
hahaha! you always post THE funniest pictures!
Jen~nae said…
ahahaha!!!! Those are great! Your captions are even greater! :) Ok those bird ones are not funny Jody!!! birds are EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for makin my morning!!!
Miss-happypants said…
hahahhaa....you did post it!

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