"Pit Stop Kids!"

So, yesturday I'm at work...
and the last client comes in to pick up her dog.

She drives up in a school BUS!!!!!
Yip. with kids.

"Sorry Kids, you won't get home at your scheduled time to watch "Scooby Doo!"
I have to pick up my dog!"

When I saw this I died laughing and another co-worker
said to me...
"You gonna blog about this?"
My response..
"Heck ya!"

You don't see this everyday!

Have a great day!!


Jen~nae said…
hahahah that is HILARIOUS!!! What in the heck??!! Did you get the chance to say anything to the owner/bus driver?? Id be curious what you and her would have had to say!! lol
Lindsey said…
Hahaha Garth always asks me that, "are you gonna blog about this?" lol!
Meg said…
ahahaha...well, that's Arkansas for ya! ;)
Trish said…
hope none of the kids on the bus where allergic to dogs!!!!
Kaycee said…
hahaha CRAZY!
No wonder I never rode the bus to school lol.
Summer said…
Bahahahahah....that is ha-larious! OMG talking about taking a break on the job! I can't believe that!

I think it is even funnier that you blogged about it! Something I would totally do!


ps I just love your new header pictures....just fab....I see you like foofy heads too LOL....Kelcee loves calling dandolions foofy heads....
Miss Anne said…
love the new layout/header!

:) sweet that she picked up her dog in the schoolbus!

Debbie said…
Glad to meet you and welcome to Arkansas Bloggers. You've been tagged. Come check it out.
I bet the kids loved it!! Great story! C
Haha!! That is too funny!
Shayla said…

that is AWESOME!!!
Miss-happypants said…
Kenzi's only response to this was, Well yeah, but it's a weird school bus. Really? Is that what's weird about this situation? hahahha

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