"A Deep Conversation.."

{set the scene:}
The Mr. &  I,
 just got back from Little Rock.
Shopping,dinking around, and eating dinner..
We are opening and putting away some
new silverware we just bought to
match our decor:::

Me: I can't believe how great of a price we got these!
They match perfectly!             

The Mr: I know. I feel like such a Grown Up.

Me: Ha! Ha! What do you mean?! {still laughing}

The Mr: I have never had matching silverware...

Me: Me either..

We both start laughing!
Darn, It's official.

Have a great Day :).


Summer said…
Bahahahaha Sounds like some convos me and the hubs have! Welcome to being a grown up LOL....

Isn't it great when ya get matching silverware! We bought a Food Network set at Khols and was so tickled about it you would have thought we had won the lottery or something! It is so funny what makes ya all giddy when you're a grown up!!

Trish said…
I think every couple has that "grown-up",
for me it was when I let my wedding reception at 19 years old and relized that I was wasn't going back home, but instead moving 7 hrs away from my parents to start a new life!!! To me that screamed GROWN UP!
Vanessa said…
LOL! I felt the same way when I had matching glasses for everyone!
jenn said…
my hubby and i say that alot...

Meg said…
ahahaha...we have moments like that too! ;)
Miss Anne said…
..... i think i hit the "grown up part" when i started growing this baby.

eeeek! :)

love you bunches!
Haha that is so sweet! Congrats on officially entering adulthood. ;o)
Jen~nae said…
hahahaha Matching silverware!!! YAY for Jody and Daren!!! :):):)

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