Over this last weekend..the Mr. and I went and looked at cars and homes that were so out of our price range that it was fun :)
Looked at BMW suv, huge homes that were millions {we were guessing of course..}
But we had so much fun just

Just waking up next to him everyday
 let's me know ..
Dreams Do Come True.
That's enough for me.

Have a wonderful Day


Ashley said…
You are exactly right. Dreams do come true and it takes really special people to realize that dreams are right in front of them! Money doesn't buy all the dreams in the world. Although it is fun to look at all those "Dreamy" things that are out there and still appreciate what you have right there with you to do those fun things with! Glad you two had fun!
Sunshinemeg said…
What a great post. That is so true. It is the little things in life, not the money, or cars, or houses, or any material thing for that matter. Family, friends, and loved ones are what it is all about.
Expat Girl said…
Dreams do come true : ) We alwaysss drive around looking at huge houses on the weekend and imagining our lives there!
Jillian, Inc said…
Love that. THINGS are what make the world go round but sometimes it's fun to dream. I love the saying "If you can dream it, dream to achieve it." For some it's a car, a job, a house, a certain $$ figure in the bank, a vacation, a child. Hope all your dreams come true sweet lady!
Miss Anne said…
i know EXACTLY what you're talking about.
and COULDN'T agree more.
Trish said…
it's always fun to dream!
Jen~nae said…
Jody True! I absolutely LOVE this post!! Soooo sweet. You and Daren were made for each other. :) Gorgeous pic by the way! :)
I LOOOVE that picture!!!! Perfect. And yes, dreams come true. *smile*
Miss-happypants said…
awww...I love this pic of you. Today I saw a lady walk out of the store that looked like you. I had to take a second look. It made me smile. :)

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