{In with The New..Stay With the Old}

For those who know me...
I love purses,handbags, shoes, wallets....
It's a Curse!

However this wallet is dear to me...
My Mr. brought it back from Iraq, when he was on R&R...
But I admit:
Bored with the color.
I wanted something different..

So, the scrapper I am.
I looked in my felt ribbon and

A have a new wallet.

I know.
But I love it.

Have a great Creative


Miss Anne said…
i love it.
re-creating something is an awesome idea
miss you peanut!
Trish said…
you have the cutest ideas I have ever seen!!!
LOVE the new header and layout! It's so happy! And you are uber creative, it looks fabulous!
Summer said…
Love it! How creative to take something with memory and change it up a bit! Now it is as if you have a new fancy shmancy bag and when you are tired of that look you can always change it again and again and again and well you get my point ha!

Summer ;0)
Jen~nae said…
Looks awesome as always Jody True!! Its great you're able to do that so its like brand new all over again but its still that precious gift he gave you! :)

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