"The Weather Here..."

{This is what the mornings are starting to look like here..
.picture this : think it looks cold?
Nope. Already 65 and climbing BabY!! No jacket to work..}

I have to admit when we first came to Arkansas to visit, to see if this were we wanted to call home...
I was sold on the weather.
Not one i-oda-of a person told us about these earth-shattering-scare-your-teeth-out-of yer-head-Dorthy-we-aren't-in-Kansas-anymore-scare-me-so-bad-I-think-someone-is-breaking-into-our-house-so-I call-my-husband-at-work-and-tell-him-the-house-is being-burglarized- THUNDERSTORMS!
We have Independance Day Several times a year here!
WoW! The lightning shows are unreal!

Fridays are now my day off..
{not quite sure how I feel about it yet..}
 and well, It's been so warm and sunny all flippin' week! I have been enjoying the sun and warm weather on my lunch hour....can't wait til Miss Jody's day off..
I get up early so I could greet Mr. Sun.
But, NO!
I get Mr. Thunderstorm-Grouchy-Pants saying good morning..
Guess what though?
I work tomorrow and sunday
{oh yea-I know how I feel about that! Fer Sure!}
and it's BEAUTIFUL!!!

This is just a couple pictures for the sweetpeas back home that don't have shows like here!
The Mr. loves it!

It's nice to sit on the back deck and just watch it.
It's not cold at all...duh, Jody.
So the weather is still nice and warm out
and sometimes the clouds disappear like nothing happened at all.
Oh yea- and Monday
{my old day off...}
Mr. Sun will be showing his sweet face.
90 degrees...

Have a Fabulous Day


Brown Girl said…
Don't you just hate that?! Why does it have to rain on your day off and be sunny and beautiful when you're at work, ugh!!
Llama said…
I WISSSSSHHH it was that warm here! You are so lucky! Send the warmth to NY! :)
Jenn said…
Great storm pictures- I'm a weirdo and love storms (not the home destroying ones, just the loud boomer.) Unfortunately we just had a tornado hit here in NC on Sunday- So I feel you on the post!
Expat Girl said…
my skin is very confused as to what this thing called sunshine is right now haha but I'm lovingggg it! Oh and I love thunder and lightening too, it scares me a little bit but I make my husband sit up with me at night to watch it!
Miss Anne said…
enjoy the day off... :)
and then send some warmth here... i dont even care if it's sunny
today it's raining sideways and FREEEEEZZING!
jenn said…
rain? on your day off?
not cool. boo.

i love thunderstorms in the afternoon...:o)
Summer said…
Oh my goodness....lightning and thunderstorms scare the crap out of me....LOL.....that storm looks really scary I would so be like you and not sit on the deck! It has been fabulous here today! 80 degrees.....we have had so much fun....

Have a happy friday girly
Summer :0)
Mrs. Muffins said…
Omigosh, storms scare me... rain, I like. Thunder.. not so much!!!

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