8.23.09.." Little Relax Time..."

Saturday after I got off work, we headed out to one of the many other lakes around here. Which also is a National Park. We sat and drooled over the boats..

We just walked around the park and enjoyed all the surroundings...
Poor Kelly was sooooo hot. We were careful to not overheat her...she's still not use to this weather here...

Kelly was ready to go!
We plant her feet up on the tailgate. Then give her a boost from behind!
She gets soooo excited she turns around and tries to either grab you (after she's in) or she yells at you like "Weeeeeee!"
{Yes, she is tied in...}
Then a quick trip to the mall...had a talk with Edward .about Bella .and her stupid behavior.
{ I'm on the 3rd book. Half way through. And very upset with stupid Bella....
can I stop reading this nonsense?
No }
All in all...great-relaxing Saturday :)


Ashley Pizarro said…
Looks like you had a fun and relaxing day! I love the pictures! Yall are too adorable :)
Jen~nae said…
I miss you.... :( :( That picture of Kelly waiting to get into the truck is priceless. :) She is such a doll!
yea.. I wasn't a big Bella fan either!

your dog is precious =)

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