.8.20.09.." Jody?......HERE!!!!!!!!!!"(hand in air)

I'm still here!
I've been busy lately and well....I got into the......gulp....Twilight books.
I started Saturday night and last night I finished the second and heading to the 3rd tonight....
Yea...stupid Bella. She grabbed my attention and didn't let it go...she's really making me mad.
Help!! Can't stop!
I'm gonna have to blog more about this.....Edward stuff.
Love the books!

I wish Jacob would get smart and just leave..Bella is a winy lil' brat.


The New Black said…
Ah, Twilight...quite the time sucker, isn't it!?
The Pink Chick said…
I haven't read the Twilight books yet. I really need to. I have a feeling I would love them!
Anonymous said…
Dont blame ya! I finished the whole series in about two weeks. It only took that long cuz everyone was out of books three and four. Had to wait for him to get shipped in! It was hell, no housework no homework. My family lived on sandwiches while I was reading those books! Bella is better in the books then in the movie though, they forgot to make her so clumsey.
Everyone needs an escape. I'm glad you found one. I haven't read the books yet, but based on what I've heard, they are good. Continue to enjoy them.
LOL I told you they were good!!!!
Now you know why at the cabin I couldnt stop reading......hahahaha
I told you.
Bella is very winy and STUPID!!!!
You will like the books they are fun and easy reads!
Miss ya lady!!!
Ashley Pizarro said…
I have missed Miss Jody!!! :)

I haven't read any of those books at all...do you just love them? My sister read those and LOVED them and the movie! You will have to tell me all about the books as you read them!
Glad to see your still out there!!! Cant wait to hear what you think of the books!! = )
Jen~nae said…
HA! You became a Twilight sucker! :) Don't worry....I am too..... And I just let Dr. Doerr and Kendra borrow a couple of my Twilight books to read so I'm gonna have them hooked too! lol So I totally understand you missin on bloggin cuz those books are addictive! I have missed your blogs though! Oh! And I think the Twilight movie sucked! TERRIBLE acting....ugh....Just to warn you. :) I'm glad you're back to blogging though! Uh oh....that means I better think of somethin to blog about. :) hehe
Lindsey said…
Hahaha I felt the same way about Jacob and Bella!! I promise "New Moon" is way better!
Miss Anne said…
lol... sorry i've been MIA, had a guest here and so I am just catching up!

I'm on the 3rd book too!

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