.8.3.09.." Sunday Linner..."

Oh Sunday..Sunday..suuuuuundaaayyss! Your so very close to our arch enemy Mondays...
But how do I love to spend Sundays?
Relaxing. Doing nothing productive. Do everything that comes to mind.but.work.

So, this glorious unproductive day for me...{the Mr. mowed the lawn...he don't play by the rules. Rule#1 on Sunday.relax}
So we had Linner..yes, I did not misspell...it's what we have been doing recently having an early dinner, late lunch. Ta Da! Linner.

Okay, off track here Jody. Focus.
We had Linner here and we Luuu-u-uuuV it here! Our new fav. place.
The Fisherman's Warf. Beautiful view. Good food. Great service.
The Mr. really enjoys turtles. He loves any wildlife...however, these particular turtles would swim up and look at you like a dog! and beg! It was so cute!

So handsome :)

Ta Da! and. us.
Our Wonderful meal!

I love sitting outside. Watch and hear all the boats go by. You can even pull your boat up at the boat parking lot and come in for a bite to eat! How cool is that??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whenever..if we ever...sniff, sniff..have company come visit us....
We are coming here :)


Miss Anne said…
I wanna come visit!!! :)


D is adorable.

what a cool restaurant!
Jen~nae said…
AW MAN!! That place looks AWESOME!!! I would LOVE to go there!!!! :) :) Turtles that BEG??!!! WHAT!!! haha That is freakin hilarious! Are turtles abundant in Arkansas or something??? lol Man I miss you guys..... You look so happy though and I'm so happy for you guys that you're enjoying yourselves so! I SOOOO wanna be able to come visit you guys!!! And you promise to take me there??!! :) I miss you Jody True Who! I really do!!!

P.S. Only would you ever see miss Jody taking pictures of her food in a restaurant. :) Only Jody.....lol
Tracy-Girl said…
You two are so stinking cute... I love those lazy days. And linner is the best! Especially because I wake up so early for work, its always best to eat a little earlier! Love it! :)
Great pics! Loving the Turtles...I want one!
That place looks awesome!
I can't wait til I can come and visit you guys! Really miss you both!
You look like you are loving the new adventure....That is fantastic!!!!
Lindsey said…
Awww how fun!!! Loved the pics!
Ashley Pizarro said…
I wanna come visit my bloggy BFF!!! :) I just love your pics!!!!
Miss-happypants said…
I wanna go...I wanna go!!! Can't wait to visit again. :) Kenzi says hi and says she misses both of you. (ME TOO!!!)
Miss-happypants said…
I wanna go...I wanna go!!! Can't wait to visit again. :) Kenzi says hi and says she misses both of you. (ME TOO!!!)

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