.8.24.09..." Diamond..Park?"

What a great, spur-of-the-moment thing to do.
Dig for diamonds.
Yip. You heard me...
Arkansas has the only place, here in the U.S. you can dig for your own diamonds.
For $6.00 per digger(ha! ha!)
People from all around, come here to try their luck!
Some actually find something..
Upon the entrance there is a sign tallying the diamonds found today, yesterday, this year(so far), and last year...pretty impressive :)

Have the proper {cute} attire...not white though.
You get dirty out there playing in the dirt.

So you pick a spot...

And dig.

An 8 carat diamond has been found here and not only that, but the most perfect diamond has been found here!
Cool, huh?

So after your done digging and getting dirty...you can relax at the pool!
Yip. That's right. There is a pool to cool down at and just relax...

Ummm....you can bet we are coming back.


Oh!We've done that before.!Man, it was super hot, but it was fun! :)
Jen~nae said…
That looks like hard work!! How long did you dig for?? Man! That pool looks wonderful!! I bet that was a welcome sight for you guys after being in the sun like that! Oh and by the way your lil outfit is adorable!!! Always lookin cute even when you're going to be digging in dirt! :)
Meg said…
Andrew and went there last year with my family. my sister found a diamond after only 10 minutes! we didn't find anything after that...
Lindsey said…
What a cool thing to do! You guys are so cute!!
The Pink Chick said…
You are two cute in your braids! I saw this place on the travel channel once. I have always wanted to go!
Lyr said…
You look so cute!
Tracy-Girl said…
that is so cool! never heard of that before!! :)
How fun is that! An 8 ct. diamond?!?! Holy cow!
that looks like so much fun!! = )
That looked like to much work to be having fun....! I am glad you had a great time. Next time find me a huge diamond!!!
Miss Anne said…
Remember i told you about this place!!!! I've been there! DUG in that SAME dirt! :)
Ian & Jess said…
Umm where the heck is this attraction??? I def would not mind diggin, especially if it is for diamonds. Did you find anything

P.S. you look super cute.
Robbie said…
Who would pay money to go watch a movie when you can spend it doing something like this? And the pool at the end? Way better. Unless it's a really good movie you've been wanting to see. Or if you have a sprained ankle. Or broken collar bone. Or if it's snowing.

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