.8.13.09.." Thankful Thursday..."

As you get older in life...
I'm realizing more and more it's not easy making friends.
I mean true friends.
It's 2:00 a.m. you have to get up in 3 hours for work. She calls. and your at her doorstep, before your even awake. Your still wondering.." Did I drive here?" I mean, that's how fast I'd be there for any of these girls here.
I miss them and their honesty and they accepted me because they had to. Lol! They knew I'm weird and bold. But I love them dearly and would go toe to toe w/ Godzilla and get pummeled if I had to..
I have to go through the whole trust thing all over again...AGH!! I don't play High School Crap games...I don't do the fake-y crap thing.
I'm me. This is who I am.
If I don't like you. I won't even associate with you. Not into wasting time.
I miss my friends back home, and your thought of and appreciated each and every day.
As for The Mr.'s and my family......
We can't replace a new mom.Dad.Sister.Brother.
Not that we want to replace anyone...but, it's sure nice to have a few select friends that you can trust :) Our families are stuck with us. Bwawawwawahahahahahha!!!!!
It's been nice here. Don't get me wrong...people have been pretty cool so far. But I don't like skating on thin ice and testing the waters. But I guess that's the only way to test how strong it is , huh?
All of you who have good close friends.
Tell them everyday how much you appreciate and love them.
Show them a small token of how much you do care. Just that alone,...will put a smile in their heart and on their face :)


I SO hear ya!!! Hope you have a great rest of the week!! = )
Jen~nae said…
Oh Jody!!!!! Man that was such a SWEET blog! I just love and miss you sooooooooooo much!!!!!!! You're absolutely a best friend to me and I feel so lucky to have ever known you! Don't you worry Jody True Who, before too long you will have great friends, who wouldn't want to be friends with you???? Seriously! You're such an amazing person and you have such an amazing heart and personality. :) Just to prove it, my cheeks are starting to atrophy cuz I'm not laughing constantly at work like I always did with you. :) You're such an amazing person and friend Jody True Who! I MISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. You need a better picture of me than that one....lol Drunken smiling is never good. Scary...haha
Awww Jody. Make me cry why don't ya!
I have no doubt in my mind that you will find some amazing friends there. Granted the BEST ones are here in Oregon!!!
I miss you so very much. But on the flip side am so very happy that you Love it at your new place in life!!!

Lots of Love to you and the Mr.!!!
Miss Anne said…
I miss and love you dearly! :)

The dad (Mickster) said…
Well were glad to see you are back in the saddle and sharing again. As one who doesn't share easily I know taking a chance on someone is sometimes a hard step but if that first step isn't taken you never get where your going.
Katie said…
beautiful post!

thank you:)
Tracy-Girl said…
Totally agree with you on everything... friends are harder to get and keep as we age!
Lyr said…
Wow, thanks for your comment dear!

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