.8.30.09.."Just Over The Border..."

It was a nice Saturday...we just took off and planned to be back in time to hang out with our wonderful friends...that evening..
Then, the next thing we know...hello? We are in Louisiana!! I guess just a little side jaunt....er..
But we shopped and ate...{two things I really enjoy :) }
We went to "Outdoor World" OMG! I love that store!! Then we walked- store to store and looked in all the lil' shops...the weather was just perfect-not too hot and not EVEN cold..especially being on the waterfront like that. Very Nice :)
Needless to say we didn't make it back in time to see our friends...just a lil' 3+ hours out of the way! oops...

But we went to none other than "HOOTERS!" Yeah! I asked my husband if I could take a pix with him and a Hooter-Girl...he said "No"...so I took a picture with our beautiful lil' waitress..She was tall! She was kind enough to bend down for the picture :)

However I can't wait til our next jaunt! I don't want to say anything just yet...but I can't wait!!
Usually we try every weekend , to go somewhere new and different -to get use to this area...
It's so beautiful!!


Ian & Jess said…
Mmm Hooters is really good!!!

Looks like you guys had a good time :)
Looks like ya'll are getting to know your area pretty well. My hubs helped open up that Bass Pro. Yep, I'm proud. =)
Ashley Pizarro said…
Aw yall are too cute!!! Glad you and the hubby were able to get away and have a fun little weekend! :) Can't wait to hear about your next outing! :) You could always make a little trip to NC to visit me!!!
Tracy-Girl said…
You two are absolutely adorable... Love all the pictures! :)
Jen~nae said…
You two are so cute! :) I love hearing about all the new places you are visiting! I'm SO glad you guys are loving it there! How do you find time to scrapbook when you're always out doing things?? lol
I am seriously jealous. I wanna see all new stuff!
Lyr said…
I love the picture collages!! What a weekend!!
Miss-happypants said…
What a wonderful adventure your life is right now!!! I am so happy for you. :) What an amazing time to be able to explore a different part of the country every weekend! AMAZING!!! :) So glad you guys are living it up. LOVE YA!

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